Working at Studio ROOF

My experience as an inhouse designer

Since September 2018 I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Studio ROOF team, the company founded 15 years ago by Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin. In the team we work closely to create home decorations, gifts, and toys made of cardboard. Our designs, inspired by nature, are the result of the creativity and imagination of the whole team. I started my adventure with Studio ROOF as a junior designer, later on I was hired as an in-house designer, and I am currently working for the team as a freelance designer.

Working for Studio ROOF allows me to use my creative skills in collaboration with people who have a similar aesthetic sense to mine. Working in a team – especially in such a great team – has turned out to be a very enriching experience and I am glad that our collaboration is still very active during my freelance career in juka design. Being an active participant along all the design process – from brainstorming to the finalisation of the production files – has pushed the limits of my imagination, as well as trained my eye to catch the smallest details.

Design: Studio ROOF

Styling: Ines Beeftink

Photos: Brigitte Kroone, Rolinda Windhorst, Marian Rosa


Product design – the form

All the Studio ROOF's products are made of recycled cardboard and come flatpacked, so that the customer can assembly them by him/herself. We carefully design each piece, capturing the nature or the outcomes of our imagination into a cardboard form. The laser cut samples allow us to test and bring to perfection each piece connection and curves.

Graphic design – colours & patterns

Vivid yet refined colours are very characteristic in Studio ROOF’s style. Defining the palette and colour combinations are an important part of our design process. No matter if we are reinterpreting the nature or unleashing our imagination, we always put special care on the fact that illustrations and patterns in Studio ROOF’s products should create a harmonious composition.

Packaging design

Once the products are designed, we start with the packaging. We put a lot of love and dedication to make sure that the packaging reflects the beauty of the product inside – and that assembly instructions of the products are easy to understand and precise.

Fish collection

Made of eight small and four big pieces, the fish collection brings the atmosphere of tropical coral reefs and warm waters. Even if each fish is inspired by the real species, the final design contains a big amount of imagination.

Explore & collect

These little insects are among Studio ROOF’s bestsellers already for a few years. During my inhouse time in the studio, I had the chance to create my own designs on this collection with a few new beetles and butterflies.

DIY colouring sets

This collection was a special design assignment: we created figurines and little scenes without using colours! Only some delicate line drawings suggest the contour of this 3D puzzle that needs to be coloured and assembled. In this context, we carefully designed the sheets from which the elements need to be pop out and packaging of this product, in order to make it easily readable and very eye-catching.

Studio ROOF x The Dybdahl Co

Wyniki wyszukiwania

Wynik z internetu z linkami do witryn

These special collections of wall decorations and pop-out cards are a result of our collaboration with the Danish company The Dybdahl Co. At Studio ROOF we collected some of their retro prints and combined them into intriguing sets, giving them also a 3D form. That is how the collector’s boxes of fishes and insects were made, as well as the pop-out cards that can be the perfect present to send by post to your loved ones.

Packaging design

Since the packaging of Studio ROOF products plays such an important role in their presentation, we put a lot of effort to make it beautiful and clear about what is inside.