Object targeted to enhance reading habits in public spaces

Libero is a unique piece of furniture designed for public places, such as train or bus stations, airports or shopping malls. It is an object that could be used for promoting a publishing house or a bookstore, and its intended use is to foster the act of reading while waiting in a public space.

Libero combines three functions: book display, seating and illumination.

Libero tries to lure passers-by with a book swinging in the air. Contact with the words written on the paper might be the opportunity to put away the smartphone and fly away to different place and time, created by the author.


Libero is made of bended pieces of steel and aluminium pipes.

The book is hanging on the steel string and seems to be hovering in the air, on the eyesight height. While it is illuminated by the lamp mounted above, the book swings and rotates slowly, attracting the attention of the potential reader.

Simple mechanism

You can take the book and have a look or seat on the chair, pull the book down and read in comfort. When you release the book from your hand, it will slowly go up to its original position. This happens because of a weight placed on the other side of the steel string, inside the frame of the structure.

Advertising medium

for a publishing house or a bookstore

The fabric from which the seating is made can be printed with a logo of a publishing house or a bookstore. The book can be exchanged on a regular basis so that the new titles keep being promoted.


Libero is my MFA final project and was created at prof. Piotr Jędrzejewski’s Kinetic Design studio at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław.

Design: Julia Karwasz

Photos: Przemek Węgrzyn, Jakub Pułka