social media content for leaseplan

Since November 2021 I have been collaborating with the Corporate Communications team of Leaseplan on creating their social media content. 

LeasePlan is an international company of Dutch origins, specialised in automobile leasing and fleet management. In its social media LeasePlan talks about topics such as transition to electric vehicles, sustainable ways of living and transportation and compalny values.

Working on the graphical part of the message, I am always provided with a brief and guidance of the LeasePlan External Communications team. All the projects are made following the LeasePlan brand guidelines. 


LeasePlan Global

ideas, scripts & brief

LeasePlan Corporate Communications team


graphic design

juka design / Julia Karwasz

instagram carousels

On topics connected to car industry, technology and zero-emission transport.


Created to celebrate milestones & special days. Working on animation I first create a storyboard, so that the client can have an idea about how the final effect will look like and adjust the storyline or graphic elements if needed.